Summertime Puzzle Fun

Introducing: Summertime Puzzle Fun!

This Summertime themed publication has six (6) games, puzzles, and activities that can be played alone and with others.

Activities include:

– Summertime Word Find

– Summertime Words Within Words Game

– Summertime A-Z

– Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

– Summertime Guess My Word

– Dot grid for making designs and game play.

Also included:
Instructions for how to play Words within Words

Answer section with ice cream cones and beach ball icons for the Tic-Tac-Toe game

This is a 2 page PDF with 4 sections per page.

Great for traveling, family fun time, or for something enjoyable to do!

The printable pages can be laminated for long term, repeated use. Use a wipe-off marker with laminated pages.
Cardstock paper is recommended when printing with the intention to laminate.

Pages are not editable.

For personal use only. Print as many pages as you like, but do not resell this file or any printed material for profit. 
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8 Ideas For Homemade Water & Nerf Gun Targets

If your kids enjoy playing with water or Nerf-type guns, it can be a lot of fun to
make your own targets with recycled items.
Tip: A spray bottle or a pom-pom shooter can be used as well.

Here are a few homemade target suggestions:

Water Balloons – Blow up a bunch of water balloons, tie a length of yarn to each one end and then to a tree branch or someplace it can hang down.

Spinning Disks – This uses recycled lids from bottles and containers. Pop a hole in the top of each lid and hang them with yarn. Alternately, a hole can be made in the middle of a lid, and a length of yarn can be strung through it to see how many shots it takes to get from one side of an object to another.

Recycled Cups & Cans – Stack them up in a pyramid shape and knock them down or string some cups between two objects and see how many shots it takes to get them from one side to the other.

Cardboard Tube – Cardboard tubes can be stacked or lined up and knocked down.

Beach Balls or Large Balloons – How many shots does it take for a beach ball, or a punch balloon, to get to the finish line?

Water Bottles & Ping Pong Balls – Shoot a ping pong ball off the top of a water bottle, then knock down the bottle!

Plastic Eggs – Hang plastic eggs to shoot at.

Make an obstacle course with any of these items or ones you come up with on your own.

Spark their creativity! Offer your kids some supplies and a challenge them to make their own unique targets to shoot at.

Please share your target ideas in the comments below!

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Bottle Roll Bullseye

This open-ended game can be played indoors or out and encourages players to make up their own rules and scoring system.

You will need: An old sheet or an inexpensive white tablecloth (any shape), acrylic paint and a paint brush, recycled water bottles, water, and food coloring or paint
Optional: Chalk or sidewalk paint, paint markers, paper, pencil and a clipboard

Set-Up: Fill recycled water bottles halfway with water and food dye and decorate the outside with paint markers if you like.
Turn the old sheet or white tablecloth into a unique target by painting on it with acrylic paint and allow it to dry. The sheet can be cut into a circle, square or another shape.
Alternately, a target can be drawn on the sidewalk with chalk or sidewalk paint.

Make up a point system.

How to Play: Roll bottles onto the target, one at a time, and keep track of your points on paper.

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Creative Inspirations #3

Each month I like to offer my kids a bunch of activities that’ll spark their imagination and creativity. I think the stories and activities a person can come up with when offered an open-ended idea is amazing. 

For this activity you will need: Balloons, something to juggle, an audio/video device, paper, and pencil, and anything else you can think of.

The two words for this month are:

Balloons & Juggle

What can be done with the words?
These words can be used alone, or mixed and matched in any way to inspire stories, and then expressed in the form of a poem, diorama, dance, game, activity, song, musical composition, skit, a dramatic expression, sculpture, a structure of some kind, or something else of the person’s choosing. 

Tips & Suggestions

 Creativity is the main goal for this activity, there aren’t any limits.

Use a thesaurus to find different ways to use the words. Use related words too.

Anything can be written, but don’t forget that pictures and actions can tell a story too. 

A story can be recorded with an audio/video device.

A great way to combine multiple recording methods is to narrate an illustrated story, and capture it all on an audio/video device so it can be enjoyed again later!

Play this activity inside or out!

If you need some inspiration, consider the following ideas:

Come up with game or activity that requires a balloon. Explain how it play or do it.

Learn how to juggle with balloons, socks, tissues, or something else. Record yourself.

Create a comedy routine that includes balloons or juggling. Record your antics to enjoy later on.

Draw on a personal experience about either of these words. Something you saw, felt, touched, heard, did, etc..

Be creative and have fun.

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Summertime Fun: August, Volume 1

Mini Marble Run – Make a mini marble run with straws and B.B.s

Creative Inspirations #3 – Take time to get creative with the two words offered for the month.

Soda Pop Project – Learn how soda got its start and make some delicious concoctions of your own!

Bottle Roll Bullseye – An open-ended game.

Ideas For Homemade Water & Nerf Gun Targets – 8 Ideas for making your own targets with recycled items.

Think Quick: ABC Version – This game will keep you on your mental toes!
Roll-N-Score – A game made with a box or milk carton.
Pop & Play Dart GameThis dart game has a little twist to make it more fun.

Carton CreationsTurn a milk carton into a whole new creation…suggestions offered.

Hoop TossA fun game to play indoors or out!

Heads-Up Coil Flips & TricksHow nimble are your fingers and how quick are your hands? Find out with these activities!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsUse a picture to inspire a story.

Last One StandingA strategy game the grows with the players and gets more challenging.

Animal TrackerLearn how to identify signs of animal life in lots of different places!

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Scented Bubbles

Bubbles are great to play with any time of the year, add a scent to them to make them even more fun!

You can make scented bubbles in a variety of ways:

Bubble Base: Make your own bubbles or use commercial.

To make your own, experiment with good dish soap, water, and glycerine or sugar to make bubbles that work well. I have an experimental version here. If you want a recipe, check the resources section at the bottom of that post.

Tip: Water makes a difference. If you have hard water, use purified or distilled water instead.

Scents: Use unsweetened flavored drink mix, food extract, or essential oils.

#1. Use unsweetened flavored drink mixes by adding 1/8 tsp at time until you like the scent. 

#2. Add your favorite extract 1 teaspoon at a time as you mix.

#3. Stir in 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to your bubble solution.

Wands: Use old wands, make your own shapes out of chenille stems, use different sized straws, make paper cones, use your hands, etc.. Make giant bubbles with a length of string and 2 sticks.

Here’s a video showing how to make a giant bubble wand.

I hope you enjoy making and playing with scented bubbles!

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Summertime Fun July, Volume 1

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Spray Art

Here’s a fun and messy project that’s best done outdoors.

You will need: Water guns or a few small inexpensive spray bottles, *food dye or diluted tempera paint, vinegar, water, cardstock paper or a shirt, clips, strong string, and a sunny day

What to do: Run a string between two trees or objects, clip paper or a shirt to the line, fill bottles or guns with paint or dye and a tablespoon or two of vinegar, and spray the paper or shirts any way you like. Dry them in the sun to allow the color to set.

Cardstock paper can be made into a puzzle, frame or be used to make Eric Carle inspired art.

The shirt can be worn as soon as it dries. The vinegar and sun will help set the colors. Hand wash in salty water and a little detergent.

*Colored drink mixes can be used as well.

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Summer Fun July Volume 1

Hot Dogs – July is National Hot Dog Month! Learn about hot dogs, play some games, do a puzzle and what how hot dogs are made.

Spray Art – Do a fun painting activity outdoors!

Animal Antics – You get to act like your favorite animal in this fun game!

Hoop Challenge – What can you do with a hoop?

Scented Bubbles – Whip up a batch of scented bubbles!

Creative Inspirations #2 – Spark your creativity with the two words offered.

Stacking Cup ChallengeHow many cups can you stack in a minute?

Ramp ‘N’ Roll – A great game to play inside or out!

MYO What’s Missing Picture – Boost your observation skills!

Card Flipping Challenge – Play alone or with friends…indoors or out.

Cook Your Lunch Outdoors Use the power of the sun to cook your lunch!

Hula Hoop Stop & Go – Grab your hula hoop and get ready to have some fun.

Peg Solitaire – This is a great strategy game for all ages!

Summertime Fun August, Volume 1 – More summertime activities for the month of August!

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Experiments You Can Do With The Sun

Have some fun with the sun by doing solar experiments!

You Will Need

 A hot sunny day, dark colored construction paper, various objects that won’t melt: A key, leaf, pencil, scissors, etc., crayons, cookie sheet, potholder, aluminum foil, a glass jar, tea bag, old crayons, inexpensive XX-large garbage bags, rubber bands, scissors, 25+’ string, and a wide open space

Make Solar Prints

Choose a flat, sunny location, put a piece of dark construction paper on in, then place variety of objects that won’t melt on top of the paper (key, leaves, shells, pencil, etc.) and leave it in the sun for 30 minutes or so. Compare the areas that were exposed to the sun to the covered areas. 
If it is windy, place a small rock on top of lighter objects.

Make Sun Tea

Fill a clean jar with water, add a tea bag, cover, and place it in the sun for an hour. The jar may be very hot so have a potholder handy to take off the lid. Remove the tea bag, stir in some sugar, add fruit and ice to the jar if desired, and enjoy.

Refresh Old Crayons

 Refresh old crayons by turning broken ones into a whole new mixed up version. You will need some old crayons (paper removed), aluminum foil, a cookie sheet, and a potholder to do this. Cookie cutters can be used to make cool shapes, otherwise you can carefully shape aluminum foil. Put your shapes on a cookie sheet, cover the bottom of the aluminum foil with crayon pieces, and leave it in direct sunlight for 30 minutes or so. Check on their progress from time to time. If the crayons do not melt well, cover the top with plastic wrap. Once the crayons have melted, allow them to cool for a bit, then grab some paper and see how they work.

Make A Solar Balloon

This experiment works best in a wide open space such as an open field, park or large backyard. Open up an XX-Large bag such as a leaf bag or something bigger, fill it with air, and close it with a rubber band. Tie a really long string around the rubber band, leave it in the sun and watch what happens. Watch the following video for another way to make a solar balloon.

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Summertime Fun – June, Volume 1

I have 13 fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this month. 

You can look forward to doing experiments, puzzles, crafts, games, observational activities, creative activities, and a few other things. If you’re interested in playing along with us, here are the items you will need. 
Each post will include a short list of needed supplies, instructions, printable materials, and any informative links needed for the activity to go smoothly. 
I hope you and your family enjoy what I’ve planned to share with you.

Supplies Needed For This Month Activities

Plain Copy Paper – Lined Paper – Pencils – *Basic Craft Supplies – A Magnifying Glass – Tweezers – Flashlight – *Drawing Supplies – A Chicken Leg Bone &/or A Few Raw Eggs – Vinegar – 1-2 Glass Jars – Measuring Cups and Spoons – Zip-Top Bags (Sandwich Sized) – Bathroom Tissue – 5-6 Dice – French Fries and Potatoes – Red, White, & Blue Construction Paper – Star Stickers (White or Silver) – Googly Eyes – Yarn – Cardboard – Poster Board – An Extra Large Garbage Bag – String – A Small Budget – Audio/Video Recording Device – Camera

*Basic Craft Supplies Include: Scissors, tape, white and stick glue, construction paper, stapler, staples, yarn, clay/play dough, and a basic watercolor set

*Drawing Supplies Include: Crayons, markers, colored pencils, rulers, a drawing book or clipboard, erasers, and a pencil sharpener.

Posted Activities

Please check back often to find out what’s been posts!

Creative Inspirations #1 – You will need drawing and craft supplies for this activity.

Hunt For June BugsYou will need a jar with holes in it, tweezers, and a magnifying glass.

5 Fun Vinegar Experiments – You will need some simple household items for these activities, such as: vinegar, baking soda, a jar, an egg and a few other items.

Petals Around The Rose – You will need access to the Internet to learn how to solve this puzzle, then a set of 5 dice to play along with others.

French Fry Project – Learn about the history of French Fries and do some fun (and yummy), experiments with them.

Make A Flag – Grab your craft supplies and make an American flag or one that represents your family!

10 Creative Butterfly Activities – Creative butterfly related projects and field trip ideas. You’ll need craft supplies for most of the activities listed.

Ten Fun Things You Can Do With Symmetry – You’ll find some creative ways to play with symmetry in this post.

The Sun – Find out why it is hotter in the summer then it is in the winter, how the sun benefits the earth, and how the earth is protected from the sun’s rays.

Folded Hand Puppets – Turn easy and advanced paper folding projects into hand puppets. 

Plan A Family Picnic! – Plan a day the whole family will enjoy!

Solar Experiments – Refresh old crayons, make sun tea, a solar balloon or sun prints!

Summer Wordplay #1 – How many words can you make with the letters in this month’s word choice? 

Hot Dogs – July 1 begins National Hot Dog Month. 
4th of July Activities

More fun Summertime activities can be found here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning.

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