Halloween Windsocks

Halloween Windsocks by Fran W.

Decorate the yard with Halloween windsocks!

You will need…

Paper plate, construction paper, scissor, glue, crepe paper, yarn, and packing tape, stapler or a hole punch

What to do…

Make the face of your favorite Halloween icon on the paper plate with construction paper and glue, pop two holes on the top to hang it with yarn and add crepe paper along the bottom of the plate. 

You can add the crepe paper one of the following ways:

  • Staple or tape the crepe paper to the paper plate.
  • Pop holes around the bottom of the plate, twist the top of the crepe paper, put it through the hole and tie it to the paper plate. Packing tape can be used to keep them in place if needed. The picture shown was done with this method. 
Hang them in trees or anywhere they can blow in the breeze.

Face suggestions:

Ghost, pumpkin, Frankenstein, scarecrow, vampire, etc.

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Ghost Pop Candy Holder

Ghost Pop Candy Holder by Fran W.
These candy holders are great to hand out at parties, after a Halloween program or to Trick or Treaters!

To make a Ghost Pop Candy Holder you will need:

A box of tissues
A bag of round lollipops (Charms, Tootsie Pops, etc.)
Cardboard bathroom tissue paper tubes
Tissue paper cut into 4 x 6″ rectangles
Construction paper cut into 4 1/2 x 6″ rectangles
Artificial leaves, Halloween stickers or stamps
Small zip-top bags
Small toys, treats and stickers
Optional: Hot glue, regular white glue and a paint brush
Ghost Pop

Put a lollipop in the center of a tissue and tie it at the base of the pop with a piece of yarn to form a head. Add a face with markers. 

Candy Holder

1. Fold a tissue paper rectangle in half widthwise so that it measures 3 x 4″ and tape it to one end of the cardboard tube. Doubling the tissue paper will help strengthen it so treats can be put inside. 

2. If you are going to use stamps to decorate the construction paper, do this before wrapping it around the tubes. Otherwise, go to to step 3.

3. Wrap the construction paper rectangle around the the cardboard. Tape one edge to the tube, wrap it around evenly, then tape the outer edge to secure it. 

4. Decorate the outside with artificial leaves or Halloween stickers.

5. Put small toys, treats and stickers inside the small zip-top bag and carefully put it into the tube. Try not to break the tissue paper bottom.

6. Add a ghost pop to the top, fluff up the tissue around it to hide the treat inside, and they are ready to give out.

Tip: If you want to put artificial leaves on the candy holder, hot glue works really well.

Hint: A small amount of white glue can be used to help keep the tissue and construction paper in place if needed. 

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Tissue Ghost

This ghost is very easy and inexpensive to make.

To make a simple tissue ghost, you will need:

2 soft tissues for each ghost, yarn, a marker, and a paper clip

Ball up a tissue and put it in the center of another tissue so that it forms the head of the ghost. Cut a length of yarn, tie it around the neck, and make a loop out of the remaining yarn. Draw a face on your head. Put a paper clip through the loop and tie another piece of yarn to the other end to hang it on a ceiling fan pull chord or to the ceiling. 
Decorate the house with them.

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Ghost in the Graveyard – Game

by Freeclipartnow.com

Ghost in the Graveyard is a tag-like game that can be played with many players or just a few. It is best played at twilight into night, but it can also be played during the day.

How to play:
The game starts with one ghost, once the players determine who that will be, he/she will stand in one place and give the other players 1 – 3 “days” to hide by counting up to midnight out loud (“1 o’clock, 2 o’clock…12 o’clock, noon-time, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock…….12 o’clock, MIDNIGHT!”). When the “ghost” finishes counting the days, they should call out, “The ghost comes out at night!” or something similar to indicate that the “ghost” is ready to find the hidden players. When the “ghost” finds one of the hidden players, the player can run, but once they are tagged, they will become “stunned” and won’t be able run away again. The “ghost” will then gently place his/her hands on the player’s shoulders and say, “You are now a ghost in the graveyard!”. That player will then become a “Ghost in the Graveyard” as well, and together the two “ghosts” will go around looking for the other hidden players and turn each of them into ghosts. After all of the players are turned into, “ghosts”, the last player caught becomes the new, “Ghost in the Graveyard” and the game can begin again.

Important note: The hidden players can change their hiding place at any time and may run when they are found, but they must freeze once they are tagged.
There is no home base or safe zone in this game.

Feel free to change the rules as needed!

Happy Haunting!

Paper Bag Ghosts

Girl Ghost

To make these ghosts you will need:

A white paper lunch bag, newspaper, chenelle stem, packing tape, black marker, construction paper, scissor, and white glue
Tip: If you do not have a white paper bag, paint a brown lunch bag white.

Girl ghost:
Boy Ghost
Stuff a lunch bag 3/4 of the way full with newspaper, twist the rest of the bag and tie it off with a white chenelle stem and make a bow with the rest of it, put a face on your ghost with black marker and either leave it the way it is, or make arms and legs with the construction paper.
Boy ghost:
Follow the instructions above but instead of twisting the top, fold it down and tape it closed.

Balloon Ghost

Balloon Ghost
To make this ghost you will need:
9″ white balloon, 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag, rubber band, scissor, black permanent marker, a paper clip and a small ceiling hook
What to do:
Blow up balloon about 3/4 of the way, put it inside the garbage bag, tie it off in the middle with a rubber band. Put a face on the ghost with permanent marker and put a paper clip through the back of the bag to hang – be careful not to pop the balloon while adding the paper clip!
Hang in a corner with a small ceiling hook.
Alternate use: It’s lots of fun to play with the Balloon Ghost by throwing it around, just leave the hook off.
Warning: Young children should be supervised while playing with the Balloon Ghost.

Recycled Ghost

Recycled Ghost by Fran W.

Here’s a fun way to use recyclables for the Halloween season!

You will need:

A plastic lid from a quart-sized take-out, sour cream or yogurt container, a recycled store bag, a rubber or elastic hair band or twist tie, a black permanent marker, scissor, and a paper clip

What to do:

Put a lid inside the bag, tie off the bag at the bottom of the lid with a hair band or twist tie, and add a face with permanent marker.
To hang the ghost, open a paper clip and push it through the top of the bag to form a hook.
Use a scissor to cut long strips from the bottom of the bag toward the tie.
Hang your ghost inside or out!

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Super Easy Ghost

To make this ghost you will need:

A white paper lunch bag, a black marker, and a scissor

Tip: If you do not have a white paper bag, paint a brown lunch bag white.

What to do:

While the bag is closed, cut triangles out of the bottom, and draw a face on the front of the bag, then open the bag up and use your fist and hand to shape the bottom of the bag into a head.
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