St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Funschooling Resources to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all week long!

Ireland – Resources for Ireland include: Links to Geographical, historical, and cultural information. Videos have been included as well.

St Patrick’s Day Activities – St. Patrick’s Day Activities includes: Crafts, Lesson Plans and videos.

Irish & Celtic Folktales: Fairies – Sites about Irish & Celtic Folktales, with a focus on fairies.

Shamrocks – Cultural and botanical information about shamrocks and lots of links for crafts for kids.

Make Your Own: Fun Putty – How to make fun putty and fun things to do with it.

Cabbage – Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, links to cabbage information.

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Dictionaries – Day #3 Dictionary Creators

I personally think a dictionary is a very useful tool and was curious to know who was the first to take the time to create one. I also wondered if any other cultures had and used a similar idea. As it turns out, dictionaries go WAY back to ancient times in one form or another!

The modern English dictionary was invented by Samuel Johnson and published in 1755. 
This is a documentary about Samuel Johnson: The Dictionary Man

If you would rather read a little about him: 

Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary in 1806. This video:
Noah Webster: Biography, Education, Facts, History, Dictionary, Quotes has information about him.

If you would rather read about Webster:

Information about various cultures who had and used dictionaries can be found here:

Wikipedia: Dictionary – Offers a history of cultural dictionaries from ancient to modern times.
Also: Oxford English Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary, Japanese Dictionary, and others such as specialized dictionaries.

Here’s some information about the The first dictionaries of English, you’ll need a membership to access all the information, but it’s a good jumping off point if you want to study more about the topics included in the article on your own.

Other Things of Interest

Read an interview with a lexicographer Erin McKean:

YouTube Dictionary Playlist – These videos and others can be found in the playlist created for this topic.

🐞 For the Little Ones 🐞

If you have a little one, go to the library and find some picture books and a child’s dictionary and check a few out.
If you have a few of your own on hand already… Find words via the pictures included in the publication and read or talk about their meanings. Act out pictures and have fun with them. Make up a sentence using the actions you created while reading though the books together.

Related Post: Dictionaries – Access all the days in one place!

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This week is about dictionaries:

Day #1: Get the week started by building your vocabulary.

Day #2Alphabetize Your Family Members

Day #3Dictionary Creators

Day #4: Types of Dictionaries

Day #5: Words Within Words

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Cultural & Botanical Information

Irish Culture and Customs: Emblems of Ireland: The Shamrock Learn how the shamrock became an emblem of Ireland. 

Fine Gardening: The History of the ShamrockFull of symbolism, this plant has mystical roots – Article

SFGate: Botany Difference Between Clover and Shamrock Plants – Read about the difference between the two.

Wikipedia: Shamrocks – Offers information about different aspects of the shamrock: As a cultural icon and plant species. 


Craft Projects
DLTK: Shamrock Crafts – Get instructions to make: A 3D Shamrock paper craft, a lacing craft, a cross stitch pattern, and more.
Artists Helping Children: Shamrock Crafts For Kids: Saint Patrick’s Irish Shamrock Day Crafts and Activities for Children & Preschoolers – This site offers a variety of crafts that include shamrocks.

About Framily Crafts: 21 DIY Shamrock Crafts – This site offers links to a variety of shamrock related crafts.

Kids Activity Blog: 17 Shamrock Crafts for Kids – Links to shamrock crafts.

Hands On As We Grow – 20 Lucky Shamrock Crafts for Kids to Make this St. Patrick’s DayMore interesting ways to make shamrocks. 

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Types of Calendars

Article & Information About Calendars

Timely: The Importance of Calendars – This article talks about some of the import reasons communities and individuals should keep calendars, along with the benefits.

Wikipedia: Calendars – Offers historical information about calendars.

Egyptian Calendar
Mayan Calendar &
List of Calendars – Lists over 80 types of calendars.

Holidappy: Birth Symbols – Each month has its own bird, flower, tree, myth, etc. find out what they mean.

Ducksters: Today In History – Find out what happened today in history and scroll down to the bottom to find out about the rest of the month. Click on a month, then you’ll find out: That month’s birthstone, flower name, name meaning, most recognized holidays for that month, how to say that month’s name in different languages, and fun facts, plus you’ll see a calendar of days. Each day will tell you a few things that happened on that day, and the year it happened. The Evolution of the Calendar: How to Use a Calendar Today – This article talks about how calendar use has changed over the years and how technology has helped those changes along.

The New York Times: Paper Calendars Endure Despite the Digital Age – This article discusses trends in paper and digital calendar usage.

Make Use Why Paper Planners Are Relevant in the Age of Smartphone Calendar Apps – Article talks about the positive points of both digital and paper calendars.

Calendars That Feature: Events, Wacky Holidays, & Other Special Days

National Day Calendar – Main page – Find out what the day’s holidays, birthdays and events are and look at the whole month at a glance.

Time & Fun Holidays – Site offers a list of fun, wacky & trivial holidays. Click on the month you’re most interested in.

Homefires: Monthly Learning Calendar – This calendar changes from month to month automatically to keep you updated on interesting things to learn about.

Apples 4 The Teacher: Holidays – Scroll down to the month you want to look at to find out what special days there are for the month.

Holiday Insights: Holidays – Daily holidays for each month. Click on the month you want to view. This site offers food days as well.

On This Day: Click on the area you want to know more about each day. Search by name, month, day, or event, birth, wedding, and death.

Still Learning Something New: Special Days Calendars – ArchiveYou’ll get a nice long list of important days that that month offers, featured themes (ex: National Pizza Month), and featured food items/themes for that month.

The Nibbler: American Food Holidays: Index of food holidays by month.

Cultural Calendars


National University of Singapore:  Chinese Calendar (PDF) also Calendars in Singapore covers: The Islamic Calendar, Indian Calendar, and other information.

University Washington Dept of Education: The Chinese Zodiac – This informative site gives information about the Chinese Zodiac.


WebExhibits: Calendars Through The AgesThe Mayan CalendarInformation about the history of the Mayan calendar and how it works.
NOTE: If you click on the link for Calendars Through The Ages link, you will connect with other types of calendars that are in use and not in use to learn about.

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Living Maya Time: The Calendar System – Explains the Haab cycle.

Native American

Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center: The Lakota Moon CalendarFind out how the moon played an important roll in keeping time and the name and meaning for each moon. Native American Calendars –Article offers information about how some Native American tribes kept track of days, months, and years.

Native Net: Native American Calendar – Learn the various names for each month’s moon.

Other Calendars

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: Eclipse: Calendars – Includes: Intro, Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and Julian Calendars

Calendar Zone: Cultural Calendars – Many of the links on this site are not working but the information about the dozens of different types of calendars of the world from various cultures offers many more choices and learning directions that can be studied.


YouTube: Calendars Playlist – Learn how the modern calendar evolved over the centuries. Here are one of the informative videos in the list.

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Carillon of Peter And Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg

Wikipedia: Bell– Etymology, history, styles of ringing, church and temple bells, bellfounding and more. Also,
Campanology – The study of bells.

Owlcation: Interesting Facts About the History of Bells – Article includes information about: Introduction of Bells Across the World, How Were Bells Made, Tuning of the Bell, What Are Handbells?, Bell Towers, What is Bell Metal?, and a list of Famous Bells Around The World. Site includes photos and videos.

Discover Bell Ringing: Site offers a way to find local ringers, music of the bells, history of bell ringing, up the bell tower, learning to ring, technique of ringing, bell mechanism, and other bell related things.

Brosamer’s Bells: Bell History – Offers a short article and a photo gallery of old bell information that includes pricing information, informative text, descriptions, part names, and more. Pictures can be viewed on line or downloaded.

History of History of Bells – Information about the cultural history of bells, and bell facts. There are more featured articles on the bottom of the page.

How To Draw Cartoons Online: How to Draw a Cartoon Bell

🔔🔔 Please use caution when downloading things from the Internet. 🔔🔔

Tim’s Printables: Christmas Bell Templates, Colored Christmas Bell Templates

FreePatternsArea: Bell Shaped Christmas Decoration Craft Cut Out Pattern – Download the pattern, print it out, and cut it. Right click on your mouse to capture the pattern you want and save it to your computer or copy and paste it into a file 


First Palette: Bells – Offers a page with 4, 2, and 1 bell to download and use.

DLTK: Christmas Bells and Christmas Bells Coloring Pages


YouTube: Bells Playlist – This list includes more than 30 bell related videos about the history of bells, listen to bell ringers, learn how to draw bells, and origami bells, and bell crafts.
Here’s one of the videos in the list…

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Chocolate Resource Page

Chocolate Information & Articles

Exploratorium: Chocolate – Discover…..The sweet science of chocolate. This is an excellent place to begin your study of chocolate!

Science Museum of Minnesota: Where are cacao trees grown? Find out here.

Field Museum: Chocolate – History, activities, process of making and much more.

Cornell University: Chocolate: Food of the Gods. There is a lot of information about chocolate on this site. Includes the history of the product, how it grows, health information and much more.

Washington Edu: Discovering the Sweet Mysteries of Chocolate – Brief history and the science of chocolate for kids.

AncientFoods: The History of and the Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica  A long, informative article about the history of the culture of chocolate, the cacao tree and its cultivation, iconographic and archaeological evidence, and medical uses. The same article can be found here: HeritageDaily: Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica.

Smithsonian MagA Brief History of Chocolate – Offers a brief, yet informative, history of chocolate. Also, Healers Once Prescribed Chocolate Like Aspirin – Article: (From the site) From ancient Mesoamerica to Renaissance Europe, the modern confectionary treat has medical roots.

Smithsonian: “Chocolate is a Fighting Food!” – Chocolate bars in the Second World War – This article has information about war rations offered to American soldiers and a story about the wartime chocolate memories of the author’s grandfather.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Chocolate History Timeline – Chocolate History Timeline from 2000 B.C. to 1938 WW II.

Hershey: Our-Story – Discover Hershey: There’s more to Hershey then meets the eye. Find out who Milton Hershey was, and how chocolate is made.

Cadbury: Discovering Chocolate – The Great Chocolate Discovery – This article discusses how chocolate was discovered, how ancient Mayans and Aztecs used it, and its introduction into Spain and Europe. Chocolate and the Aztecs  – History of chocolate, the Aztecs, and the Spanish: Introducing Cacao, Meet the Aztecs, The Aztecs Were Followers, and Chocolate Lives On.

Candyland Crafts: What is chocolate? – 
Facts, fiction, and history.

ICCO: International Cocoa Organization: The Chocolate IndustryWho are the main manufacturers of chocolate in the world?

Wikipedia: History of Chocolate – 
General information about the history of
chocolate. Also, Cocoa Butter.

Fox News Food & Drink: 6 of the World’s Most Expensive Chocolates Find out what the most expensive chocolate is and who makes it.

WorldAtlas: Top 10 Cocoa Producing Countries – Information about the world biggest and smallest producers of cocoa.

Cocoa Project – This site offers different aspects of a cocoa study. 

FAO: Growing Cocoa – Information about growing cocoa.

Medical News Today: Chocolate: Health Benefits, Facts, and Research – Learn about the health benefits of chocolate!

US National Libary of Medicine – Chocolate in History: Food, Medicine, Medi-Food – Offers: Introduction, the concept of Diet, Chocolate as Medicine: the Mesoamerican Tradition, Chocolate as Medicine: the European Tradition, Last Chapters, and Conclusions: Chocolate as Medi-Food. This is a technical article.

PennLive: A spoonful of … chocolate? Cacao has a history of medicinal useSite offers a book review of: ‘Chocolate as Medicine: A Quest Over the Centuries’ –  the history of chocolate’s medical uses.

Chocolate Activities

Chocolate Activities

Funschooling & Recreational Learning – Chocolate ActivitiesI offer more chocolate related posts, including resources and recipes such as a chocolate egg cream, chocolate covered pretzels, lip balm, bubble bath and a hot cocoa base here.

Homeschool Share: Chocolate Unit Study Free unit study.

Homefires: Chocolate Curriculum – This curriculum was designed for groups or individuals. I wrote it, I hope you enjoy it!

Activity Village: The Chocolate Bar Game A game played with dice. 

All Chocolate Kitchen: Chocolate Sculptures – Take a look at some of the beautiful things that can be made with chocolate.

BoredPanda: 13 Of The Most Creative Works Of Chocolate ArtSite offers a variety of works of art made from chocolate.

Aol.Finance: 10 fun jobs that pay well Scroll down to Chocolatier.

Chron: The Salary of a Chocolate Maker – Find out how much a chocolate maker makes and what you need to become one.

The Spirit Talks: Xocolatl Aztec Hot Chocolate Recipe – History about the drink and how to make it in a variety of ways.

Experiments in Tempering Chocolate – 
What tempering is and comparisons of different techniques to see which work best at home.

Business Insider: Cocoa Butter Prices Are Surging Article about the high price of cocoa butter and what some companies are doing about it.

Glee Gum: Make your own chocolate kit – Interested in making your own chocolate? You can buy a kit here!

Bloomberg: Brexit Could Reopen U.K.’s 30-Year EU Chocolate War, Clegg Warns – Information about a modern day chocolate war.

All Free Crafts: Chocolate Covered Spoons – Instructions for how to make these treats.

Printable World – Choose a map to print out.

Ranker: Best Songs About Chocolate  Some songs may not be suitable for all audiences.


Cooking Channel:  Outrageous Chocolate ArtA short video that features some interesting items made with chocolate.

CNBC: This is the world’s most expensive chocolate bar – A short video about the chocolate bar is offered in this post.

YouTube: Chocolate Playlist How chocolate is grown and made, chocolate art, hot chocolate recipes, chocolate modeling clay recipe and how to, factory tours, how luxury chocolates are made, and other interesting chocolate related videos.

Here’s one of the videos in the list…

You can help keep this resource updated by reporting broken links to me in the comments area. I’ll get them fixed asap. 
If you have a chocolate related link to share, please add that to comments and I’ll add it asap as well.
Thank you for your help!

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Irish & Celtic Folktales: Fairies

Timeless Myths: Faeries – Background info: Origins of Faeries and types. Fairy People: A list of faeries and a description.

LetterPile: Forgotten Fairies of Irish Folklore & A Guide To Irish Folk Tales – Articles.

Wikipedia: Fairy – Historical development, origin, Tuatha Dé Danann and more. Also, Classification of Fairies.

Ireland’s Eye: Hidden Ireland: A guide to Irish Fairies – Introduction – Look to the left of the screen for more information about Irish Fairies. This site offers short bits of info.

Project Gutenberg: Free, downloadable versions of the following books:


Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats

The Irish Fairy Book by Alfred Perceval Graves and George Denham

Irish Fairy Tales by Edmund Leamy

Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens


Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans-Wentz

Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs and John Dickson Batten

More Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs and John Dickson Batten

Celtic Tales, Told to the Children by Louey Chisholm

Literature Network: Yeats: The Celtic Twilight – Free to read online.

LibriVox: Free audio versions.

The Celtic Twilight – Free to Download or listen on line.

Tales of Folk and Fairies by Katharine Pyle –  Listen to 15 Different children’s stories from around the world.

YouTube: Watch the Irish & Celtic Fairies Playlist. Listen to The Celtic Twilight by Yeats as well. Here’s one of the videos in the list.

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Wikipedia: Hawaii – Geography and environment, history, demographics, economy, culture and more. Also, Hawaiian Dishes.

Lonely Planet: Hawaii – Scroll down to view what the site has to offer in the way of experiences, launch an interactive map, read some articles, and see what activities Hawaii has to offer.

Hawaiian Words: Hear the Spoken Word – Listen to how Hawaiian words are pronounced. Learn how to say: Essential words, common words, the names of places, or scroll through the Hawaiian dictionary to see how words are spelt and translated.

Go Hawaii: This site can be used to plan a trip to Hawaii. It shows you the sites and activities available. Recipes – Choose a Hawaiian recipe to try!

Funschooling and Recreational Learning: Ukulele –  Learn about the ukulele, a Hawaiian instrument.

YouTube: Hawaii Playlist – Check out some of the videos I’ve collected about Hawaii! Here’s a sample of one of the videos in my list.

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The Grim Reaper

The following information is intended for educational purposes only …some content may not be suitable for all audiences.


Death (Personification) – Information about Death, aka, the Grim Reaper through the ages. Cultural beliefs.
Thanatos – Greek 
Mot – Middle East
List of Death Deities – Multi-cultural and religious list of deities associated with death.

How Stuff Works: How The Grim Reaper Works – Article about death and the personification of death around the world.


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